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Mairie de Lagrasse - Avenue des Condamines - 11220  Lagrasse

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  • You appreciate the qualities of our festival

  • You are a music lover and a piano lover


  • You want to discover brilliant young talents from all over the world with promising careers


  • You like historic places steeped in history


  • You like the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of En Blanc et Noir


  • You will taste the best wines of the Corbières region

You wish to contribute to our development and support our future projects.


  • If you are a US taxpayer, you can make a donation through our Crescendo fund held by CAF America and benefit from tax relief: CLICK HERE

  • You can make a donation by sending a cheque payable to Festival En Blanc et Noir to the following address:



Lagrasse Town Hall - Avenue des Condamines - 11220 Lagrasse

or by making a bank transfer or using PAYPAL

Contact us HERE for more details



We need your support!

We are looking for volunteers throughout the community for the duration of the festival.

If you can help us, please contact us via the Contact page